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The Adiguru or first teacher and exponent of yog was Shiva. The Pashupat yog which he expounded focused on the means to overcome or transcend the three types of suffering in life, adhyatmika, adhibautika and adhidaivika. Following Shiva, the oldest promoter of various forms of yog were Dattatreya, Vasishtha, Vishwamitra, Matsyendranath and Gorakhnath. The middle period is the period of Sage Patanjali, Gheranda, Swatmarama and others, who are the reference points for today’s yog practices. The original yogs from the early period were reclassified and renamed as raj yog, karm yog, bhakti yog, gyan yog, hatha yog, kriya yog, and kundalini yog by this second group of masters. These rishis and sages also wrote the classical texts and books which are referred to today. Patanjali wrote his Yog Sutras, a thesis on raj yog and mind management; Swatmarama developed and promoted the practices of hath yog for balancing the lunar and solar forces to promote health and well-being in the text Hath Yog Pradipika; Narada and Shandiliya developed the practice and principles of bhakti yog for emotional management. The Yog Chudamani Upanishad describes the yogic process related to kundalini and the chakras. The Hamsa Upanishad speaks of ajapa and dharana practice, and the benefits of meditation. A total of twenty-two Yog Upanishads were written in this period by twenty-two different authors, thinkers and seers. They blended the vedic and upanishadic philosophy and the structures of tantr with the yogic system and philosophy.

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Herbal remedies have been used for huge number of years like conventional medicine. In fact, herbal medicine is the establishment of modern medicine. This medicine also has very less herbal side effects. Tragically, herbal medicine usually takes a backseat when compared with conventional drug therapy, which is a shame since herbal remedies offer lots of health benefits .In today’s world, Herbal medicine most part used to treating intense and constant sicknesses.

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Though the results are slow and gradual, they are long-lasting.

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The naturopathy doctors prescribe the medications and products based  on  the body.

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You can be assured of getting the right results. However, you may have to be patien.

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Yoga Training

Yoga training is the training of members of Kalpved as exercise, consisting mainly of the practice of yoga asanas, leading to certification. Such training is accredited by the Yoga Alliance in America, by the British Wheel of Yoga in the United Kingdom, and by the European Union of Yoga across Europe.

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